Discovering what is out your own backdoor

As Australians crafters have been spoilt in recent years with our Aussie Dollar being a comparable rate with the US dollar. It was great. I got to try out overseas yarns without paying a small fortune for the privilege. But over the last few months the exchange rate has changed and it has not worked … Read more

Next time I want to clean up….. I won’t.

For once my knitting speed had started to match my blog name. I was finally knitting fast.  In four days I had gotten the body of a Kiddy Vertebrae (pattern designed by Kelly Brooker) done. Four days!! That is nearly unheard of here. I was on fire… But then I hit a roadblock. A couple of weeks ago … Read more

Thank You to The Sampler Girl Podcast!!

In our family there is a running joke that to win a prize in a raffle or competition that we have to put The Little Miss’s name on the entry. And given the number of prizes she has won in her life, it’s been a smart move. Now because she isn’t a Ravelry Member she … Read more