The 2016 Wash up

2016 will be destined to go down as the year that we lost a lot of iconic people including, Carrie Fisher, David Bowie and Prince to name a few.

But it will also be known as the year that my craft focus was stretched into lots of new activities. And as usual life seriously gets in the way of crafting.

I have been putting off looking at my goals for 2016. Why? Because I thought that it would be a total white wash. No goals met or even looking like being met. Imagine my surprise when I actually looked and realised that it wasn’t a year devoid of knitting. While I didn’t actually meet all the goals, I am celebrating what I actually did complete.

This year also saw the completion of the Blanket from Hell (see previous post) and continuing on my Cozy Memories blanket. After loosing my knitting mojo I found it again by knitting Beanies and can’t seem to stop. I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds

goals 2016

  • make something using colorwork – knit or crochet-  (No)
  • Make 6 pairs of socks over 12 months – (complete)


  • Spin 6 braids of fibre – (3/6 completed, Goal ongoing)
Cat and Sparrow “Bubblegum”
Ixchel Bison Bunny Bliss
  • Try Double knitting – (No Change)
  • Knit a pattern from Sparklepunkand Bunniphish –  (Driver picks the music socks in Angies Yarn Studio Yarn)
Driver Picks the Music by Lisa Tomko
Driver Picks the Music by Lisa Tomko
  • Knit 2 items with Lace knitting in it. –(Completed)
  • Knit a Low Tide Cardigan for me. – (Ongoing)

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