Finish or Frog it KAL… how goes it?

A little while ago I posted about the Finish or Frog it KAL. And with it being half over I thought I would update how far I have gotten with my goals.

At the start of the KAL I posted this picture of what I hoped to get done.



Well from that I finished my Typhoon Shawl. I ran out of wool towards the end (my own fault) so the edge has been modified but I love the results.


Now as for that blasted cardigan that I really dislike. I have the body done and the neck. I ran out of wool only to discover the ball that I thought was the same color is different. It is cream and the rest of it is white. They are too similar in color to have as a contrasting rib so I am considering knitting it in what I have and maybe over dying it in a color I like. It is 100% wool so I think it should work. I really hate the feel of the wool knitting it and don’t want to spend more money on it. The little Miss would like it in purple… hmmm

So this is what I have so far.



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