What’s on the Hook? 08/08/2014

There is a serious lack on crochet and knitting action happening around here at the moment. Just work and illness taking up a lot of my time. No finished objects this week.


Progress is being made slowly on the blanket for my Bestie. Its a simple Granny Stripe pattern. Not really following a specific pattern. I have had to tell the Little Miss its for my bed so she doesn’t tell the person that its for.

stripe week2
Granny Stripe Blanket

I also started working on my Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure. I am about half way through the ribbing and am using my Confetti Silver Cake from Solar Flair Fibres. It is on her Apollo base 80% BFL/ 20% Nylon.

confetti cupcake
Sockhead Hat.


Proposed Projects

Has only gotten bigger not smaller

Beanie for my nephew

Amish Puzzle Ball

Elsa hat with Braid for my niece.

Custom order.



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