When support is lacking… create your own village!

One of the problems of learning something new is that if you don’t know anyone else who does the same thing it can make it hard to ask questions if you get stuck. Yeah you can watch YouTube videos (and I usually do) but there is something about being able to ask a specific question that will be answered with minimal fuss. Or even just having someone to watch what you are doing and suggest ways to improve. I know that I can always ask my Mother in Law (M outlaw) but she does live 3 hours away from me so sometimes that can make things a little difficult.

With a lack of a crafting “Village” or group to ask I was talking to some other crafty friends who were in the same boat. One of them suggested that she found it helpful watching podcasts. At the time I was only watching one to hear about what a friend was making and to see her new business updates. I enjoyed watching it and had a case of serious envy over the beautiful stuff she was creating.

It was like a light bulb moment. Duh. Video podcasts. Why didn’t I think of that?

What I love about video podcasts are that you feel like you know the person you are watching. You get inspiration looking at all the beautiful things people make. Or they give you confidence to try new things. At times they pass on tips that help you.

I love how it feels like you are having a natter to your friends about your craft. I am not much of a talker so this is not too far out of the ordinary for me to listen rather than talk 😉

Not all Podcasts are created equal

If you are thinking of delving into the world of podcasts the best piece of advice I can give is give them a chance. Sometimes it might take a couple of episodes to grow on you. Unless of course you really cant  stand it. I have some podcasts that I absolutely must watch when they come out where others I dont mind waiting to watch.

So without further ado here are some of the podcasts I love in no particular order (Some are available on iTunes but I usually watch on youTube as I dont like iTunes)

Bakery Bears

Bunniphish Crafts

A Down Under Yarn

Dairyland Knits

Hops and Hanks

Sword of a Knitter Podcast


I also have a list of ones that I am wanting to check out as well. If you know of others that you think I should check out I am always open to to suggestions. 🙂

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