Project updates Part 1

It’s been a while since I actually shared some of the things I have been making. Even though you can see what I have finished on the side bar here I thought it might be time to put them all in one place. My Cozy Memory/ Sock yarn blanket has grown and at last count … Read more

What’s on the Hook? 31/8

Are you sitting down? Really? Ok. I actually finished another project!!! So exciting… Yeah sad life 😉 It’s been a busy week as you can tell by the lateness of this post WIPS Granny Stripe Blanket continues. There isn’t a lot of progress on it. Beanie for my nephew Cast on Custom order.. I can’t … Read more

And now for a break in programming – What’s on the Hook 23/08

Woohoo!! Finally a finished object!! More of the same work and movement on the proposed projects. A little different this week. WIPS The blanket that will not end continues… A little bigger than last time. About 3/4 done 🙂 My sockhead beanie is slowly getting bigger too.. Loving how the wool is knitting up. The … Read more

What’s on the Hook 15/08/14

2nd verse Same as the first…. Yes sadly there isn’t much change in what’s on my hook these days. Once this big blanket is out of the way hopefully this will change. WIPs Progress for Granny Stripe Blanket week 3.   Progress on my Sock Head Hat. Started work on my niece’s Elsa hat. Based … Read more

What’s on the Hook? 08/08/2014

There is a serious lack on crochet and knitting action happening around here at the moment. Just work and illness taking up a lot of my time. No finished objects this week. WIPS Progress is being made slowly on the blanket for my Bestie. Its a simple Granny Stripe pattern. Not really following a specific … Read more

Australian Sheep and Wool Show- Bendigo

This weekend is the Australian Sheep and Wool show and I am so excited!! This show is held every year and showcases our top wool growers, fashion and fibre.   Why am I excited? Because I am heading up there tomorrow!  For the last 12 months I have been sitting here in envy listening to others … Read more