Another year older..

You know when you’re told by your mum “My birthday is just like another day” when you’re 8 and you think its an inconceivable concept. How can you not care about your birthday any more?

I think I have hit that age.. lol well kind of. I like having a birthday but it doesn’t excite me like it used to. Apparently my lack of enthusiasm disappointed the Little Miss (who is currently 6), who believes everyone should have a birthday party.

Last weekend we had gone to a craft market where I chose what I wanted for my birthday present. I like knitting and spinning so Mr Happy gave me money and told me to go for my life. Now this was not enough for the Little Miss. The night before my birthday she decided that I need the best present ever.

Now the Little Miss decided first I needed a card because Dad in his infinite wisdom forgot one. So she set about making me a card. But what could she do for a present?

So the Little Miss snuck into my scrap wool box and grabbed out a ball of wool, in a “color you use a lot”. She carefully presented it in a birthday bag with the card.. and you know what?

Best present EVER!! 🙂 How can you argue with that 🙂


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