Procrastination… is there a cure?

Surely the amount of unfinished projects that litter my house shows that I suffer from the procrastination bug. Scrap that! Surely the state of my house shows that 😉

Some of the common reasons my projects sit there unfinished (UFO)

  • I get bored with it
  • it gets to hot to make in the summer (Looking squarely at you Ocean Wave blanket.)
  • There is another stitch that I just have to try and can’t wait
  • I tell someone I will make them something and I dont like having them wait for it (or forget I said I would make it)
  • I start to make something and realise how much I actually dislike making them (ie toys)

What are the main reasons you have UFO (unfinished objects) in your house and what do you do to try and get them finished?



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