Bendigo. What a day!

Wow! What an awesome day! As I mentioned in my previous post we were heading to the Australian Sheep and Wool show in Bendigo on Saturday. I have never been before, so can only base my opinion from this year.

Bendigo is a 2 hour drive from where we live on the outskirts of Melbourne. I had never been to Bendigo so was looking forward to seeing somewhere new. We didnt make it to the Bendigo Wool Mill but I am going to plan another road trip to check that out.

Not long after arriving at the show Mr Happy took the Little Miss for a walk saying that they would find me later. Big brownie points for him there. That meant I could look at all the things I wanted without dealing with the Little Miss’ nagging questions. 😉

With this new freedom I took my time walking through the sheds trying to see everything. There was hand dyed yarn, fibres for spinning, spinning wheels, wood crafts. There was every color under the sun. Learning from past experience at craft shows I did a lap before I even thought about what I wanted to buy. Believe me I am glad I did. I had a bad case of “Buy all the yarns”.

At one stall I got wool from the lady asked me what I was planning on making with it. She gave me a strange look when I said that it hadn’t told me what it wanted to be yet I just liked the colors. What wool doesn’t talk to everyone?

ASWS scene

In between looking at wool I enjoyed watching the crowd. What an eclectic mix of people,There were the obvious families and farmers there for the farm stuff. The fibre artists were awesome. I have never seen so many gorgeous handmade hats, scarves, shawls in one place.I had to stop myself tapping people on the shoulder tasking where they got the pattern. One poor lady was in a matching hat, sweater and scarf ensemble that she wore proudly, even though she looked like she was really hot. Especially after lunch. Maybe she wasn’t but it sure looked like it to me.

I haven’t had a chance to take pics of what I got but maybe I will another day. I have seen others acquisitions and am so jealous 🙂

At one stage I was looking in one of the wool sheds when I came out I spotted the Little Miss totally engrossed in the Sheep judging competition. Maybe there is a little bit of a country girl in her yet. I will admit it was interesting listening and working out where some of the wool I had just gotten had come from.

ASWS Molly

ASWS scene3

We managed to catch up with some online friends. One of whom was Fifikins, the dyer behind Solar Flair Fibres, who gave us some mini skein samples of her gorgeous wool. If you have had a chance to check out her stuff you can find it here. The Little Miss is so taken with her wool. She takes great delight in telling me that “She gave ME the wool Mum, it’s mine. You can’t use it. Maybe I will crochet a chain with it.”

Leaving the show we even saw the Yarn bombed tram (No pic as Mr Happy refused to take a pic and I was driving). It looked awesome, so hats off to whoever organised that.

And the Little Miss’s favourite part of the day was her new hat, and the sheep.

ASWS Molly2


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