Hits and misses of 2015

In keeping with the tradition that most people seem to follow it seems only fitting that I do a round up of the things that I have made this year. This year has been pretty good for actual finished products as opposed to last year where I seemed to have more uncompleted items than anything. Some things I have loved, others are on the meh list. Luckily there weren’t too many on my meh list.

Here are my hits and misses of this year, in no particular order


Winter Is Coming

Earlier this year Pink Hair Girl podcast had a Winter is Coming KAL to coincide with the start of the new Game of Thrones series. This shawl was designed by Sally Jane Cameron. Being new to knitting I have always looked at patterns like this and thought it was too hard. But I love this pattern so decided to join in. Combined with the yarn I love how this pattern turned out. I entered it in the Murtoa Agricultural Show where it won first place.

Winter is Coming
Winter is Coming Shawl

Jelly Baby Handspun

This was some fibre I had that I got earlier in the year from a showcase on Facebook. The colorway was called Kingfisher but the browns and greys remind me of a foster cat we have called Jelly so hence the name. I was worried the colors would be too muddied but its not too bad


Neon Lush Bunny

I purchased this Ixchel Lush Bunny braid from Bendigo this year. It gets the award for fasyest purchase to wheel braid. I think i started it about 20 minutes after we got home from Bendigo. I got it with the intention of making something for The Little Miss with it. It’s currently waiting for the perfect pattern to present itself. This also has the honor of being my first Fractal spin.


Fractal spinning
Fractal spinning

Bendi Cowl

This was a simple cowl pattern that I knit up using some gorgeous handspun wool I purchased from Raxor from Gisbourne Market one weekend. Knowing how cold it gets in Bendigo during winter I wanted something warm to wear when I went to the Sheep and Wool Show in July. This certainly fit the bill, until the Little Miss stole it because she was cold too 🙂



Kiddy Vertebrae

Initially I planned to knit this as part of a KAL but like other things I got distracted (look…. squirrel). This was lots of fun to knit and is knit all in one piece. The Little Miss loves it


Mystik Spiral Socks

These socks snuck in as I have literally just finished them. They are on my list because not only do I love how they turned out but the pattern was so muchfun to knit. Usually when i finish knitting something I don’t want to look at the pattern again, but with these I am already planning my next pair.




While I put this in the miss list I think it comes down more to inexperience in spinning. The colors are muddied together. Its ok but not what I was expecting



Short Sleeve Cardigan.

Now this cardigan was always destined to be a miss. I got the wool for this when I hasn’t been knitting for long as that is what the pattern called for. It was horrible to knit with so the project kept getting put away in the naughty corner. The only reason it got finished was because The Little Miss insisted that she loved it. Although we are considering dying it another colour. But that’s a project for another day.


Short sleeved cardigan
Short sleeved cardigan


So tomorrow the year starts afresh and so will the list of projects. Stay safe.







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