2016 – craft-olutions ;)

Each year a lot of the pod casters that I watch set crafting goals for the following year. Last year I decided that it was a good idea so I had a go too. As you may have read in another blog post I think I did pretty well on the goals I set for 2015. Which makes it harder to set them for 2016. Plus I am not sure what I want to learn this year. Continuing spinning is just going to be ongoing… so not really a goal there.

Here is what I have come up with. As usual they are subject to change.. or added to.


goals 2016

  • make something using colorwork – knit or crochet
  • Make 6 pairs of socks over 12 months
  • Spin 6 braids of fibre
  • Try Double knitting
  • Knit a pattern from Sparklepunk and Bunniphish
  • Knit 2 items with Lace knitting in it.
  • Knit a Low Tide Cardigan for me.

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