Next time I want to clean up….. I won’t.

For once my knitting speed had started to match my blog name. I was finally knitting fast.  In four days I had gotten the body of a Kiddy Vertebrae (pattern designed by Kelly Brooker) done. Four days!! That is nearly unheard of here. I was on fire… But then I hit a roadblock.

A couple of weeks ago we got a new airconditioning unit installed. Thinking it would be a good idea to tidy up the lounge room. I put away my wool that had been lying around. My kiddy vertebrae got placed in one spot and the remaining ball of wool in another spot.

Then disaster hit. I couldnt find the second ball of wool… for two more freaking weeks!!

Finally the other day I found the MIA wool and completed the Kiddy vertebrae for the Little Miss, who loves it. I finally knitted a garment that I liked for her. The moral of the story is… why clean up. It just ruins my filing system that I have going.

Now to weave in those pesky ends……


Kiddy Vertebrae.


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