and in the aftermath…



So last weekend the party of little planning took place. And yes like all parents I stressed over it all. Don’t all parents worry… ok yeah not all do but I did.

And for all that worry the party girl had a great time. Except for the five minutes where she had her diva moment and was angry at her cousin.

All in all there were 10 children here. Three were school friends and the rest of the children were the Little Miss’ cousins. It’s funny how parties have changed. When I was small all you wanted to do was play party games. No one wanted to play party games and no one wanted to dance, much to the Little Miss’s dismay. But they all played happily together.

The room was decorated disco style. I took pictures but the room looks bare even though in real life it wasn’t.

When all was over and the night came the Little Miss and I danced and had fun dancing to the music her dad and I had picked.



So Happy 7th birthday Little Miss.



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