End of year list

Wow!! Did that year fly by or what? This year marks 2 years since I taught myself to crochet and 1 year of knitting. If you are wondering why I haven’t mentioned spinning that’s because its lucky to be 3 months since I started:)

Just for my own sake I have decided to list my current WIPs and hibernating WIPs. Hopefully I can change this by the end of next year… My goodness I hope these projects aren’t still hanging around then. The goal is to complete or frog them.


Little Miss’s Corner to Corner blanket


Entrelac Blanket

entralec cropped2

Pale Green/white/blue fibre to be spun

Hand spun wool
Hand spun wool

Hibernating WIPs

sheep sleep

Ocean Waves Blanket (see here on my Ravelry page)


Block a Month blanket for 2014.. yeah I did well the first few months then stopped.

Crochet doll



  1. This year I will learn to do short rows (Knitting)
  2. This year I will to improve upon my spinning on both my wheel and spindle
  3. This year I will to make time for myself to practice spinning.
  4. This year I will to make for others donations for Heart Kids project at the Children’s hospital
  5. This year I will knit a Geoknitrix pattern.
  6. This year I will knit some more socks in colors I like rather than what yarn was available
  7. This year I will explore different spinning techniques.
  8. This year I will knit or crochet a shawl
  9. This year I will try to do Lace knitting
  10. This year I will knit the Little Miss a jumper/cardigan
  11. This year I will learn/practice Continental knitting.
  12. This year I will complete or Frog my current WIPs.

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