What’s on the hook 05/12/14

The world of craft has slowed down again as real life takes over crafting time. But no matter how slow the craft time is there is always something on the go.



Crochet Flowers – I have been making some simple crocheted flowers for a friend. They are a variation of the ones that are saturating Facebook at the moment where the flower is crocheted around a button. I can’t link to a pattern as I just made it up as I went copying the picture.

Crocheted Flowers
Crocheted Flowers


Little Miss Corner to Corner Blanket– Not much progress on this as it is getting warmer. The blanket is getting bigger… not good on hot days. I think its safe to assume this will be rested for a while.


Christmas tree Skirt which may be completed by next year ;).



I have moved onto my second lot of wool roving. Loving how it is looking so far. I purchased it earlier this year at the Black Sheep and Woolcraft show in Cranbourne

Hand spun wool
Hand spun wool


I  finally knit my own socks. Why knit my own socks when I can buy them from the shop. Well simply because I wanted to see if I could make some. These are the Hermoine Everyday socks. While I loved the pattern and enjoyed knitting them I really don’t like the way the wool actually knit up. The colors pooled, especially on the calf and I am not a fan. I had heard other people saying they didn’t like the way colours pooled when they knit and after knitting these socks now I totally understand where they are coming from.


Completed Socks

Completed Socks

another view


This is my first ever handspun wool on my spinning wheel who has been named “Ida”. It is 2 ply and not a bad effort for the first one.


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