March Update


  1. This year I will learn to do short rows (Knitting)
  2. This year I will to improve upon my spinning on both my wheel and spindle- Continuing
  3. This year I will to make time for myself to practice spinning. – Ongoing
  4. This year I will to make for others donations for Heart Kids project at the Children’s hospital
  5. This year I will knit a Geoknitrix pattern. – Started
  6. This year I will knit some more socks in colors I like rather than what yarn was available
  7. This year I will explore different spinning techniques.
  8. This year I will knit or crochet a shawl- Started
  9. This year I will try to do Lace knitting
  10. This year I will knit the Little Miss a jumper/cardigan- Started
  11. This year I will learn/practice Continental knitting.
  12. This year I will complete or Frog my current WIPs.


So March has been and gone with no activity on my blog. Yet traffic has increased… hello spam bots.

I think this month is going to be known as the month of the cast on. I have cast on several new projects even though I haven’t finished the other things.

My current WIPs

I succumbed to the temptation of the Sock Yarn blanket (or cozy memory blanket, depending on whose project you look at). I have been using the Knitted Patchwork Recipe that I found on Ravelry. This will be a long term project because it is made up of sock yarn scraps and I don’t actually have that many.


My Log Cabin blanket is still chugging along. This month I have done another square with blue, a almost teal color, orange and grey. I have also gone back to add borders to the first 3 squares that I have made. This is another long term project.


The Little Miss’s cardigan has had some more work done to it. Phew. Because I had made the mistake last month I put it down and didn’t think I would pick it up again. I redid the part that I frogged and finished the side. I have also started to knit the other part.

One of my goals for the year was to knit a Josh Ryks (Geoknittrix) pattern. So I have cast on the Sign on The Dotted Line shawl/wrap. It’s going to take me a while as I don’t knit very quickly. So happy to try it though. I am not sure about the yarn I chose but meh. Keep on keeping.

I am still spinning my Timey Wimey fibre from Yarn vs Zombies. I have about a third of the second bobbin done. Once that is done I will ply them and be done 🙂

image image


I have finally gotten around to doing some more hearts for the balnket I am making my niece. It’s a paid for pattern called the Little Heart Scrapghan. I have made about 10/72 hearts so it’s going to take me a while. I am just using an acrylic yarn.


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