Not all created equal.

When I first started to crochet the one thing that I was amazed at was there was no strict order in which to learn the stitches. Well that isn’t strictly true. I do remember making swatches of the basic stitches, which are still lying around the house somewhere after my daughter claimed them as hers to use as Barbie blankets.

But once you have those basic stitches mastered its pretty easy to do other stitches or techniques.

The pattern that I tried next depended on what I wanted to learn. When I saw the crocodile stitch and wanted to learn it I made a Christmas tree using those stitches or making a minion to see if I could crochet in the round. It all just seemed to flow.

Knitting on the other hand seems to be more of a struggle. I seem to frog more knitting projects than I make. For me it doesn’t seem to flow like crochet does. Stocking stitch, garter stitch, even purl are all fine, but try to make lace patterns and I struggle. That doesn’t mean that I give up, it just makes things a bit trickier.

Yet I have spoken to others who have tried to crochet after they have knitted for years and they find crochet difficult. Others have no worries with either.

What about you have you ever tried a new thing that you thought you would pick up easy only to find that it is more challenging than you thought?



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